Trying Something New

I love to write and to tell a story. I love to read and hear other people’s stories. However, there’s nothing quite like seeing what you’ve read about in real life. Or the next best thing, on film. So that being said, after weeks of procrastinating I’ve decided to venture into the mysterious world of YouTube videos.

It’ll be easy, I said. I’ve got a camera, how hard can it be, I said. I’m a software tester, I love using new software, I said. How wrong was I!

Video editing is so time consuming, especially when you need to watch tutorials every 3 minutes or search for FAQs. Trying to introduce yourself to a video camera when you can’t even do it confidently in real life is terrifying; I recorded six intro videos and didn’t use any of them. Finding background music is a minefield – there’s so much to choose from. So, so much.

Having said all that, I’m going to persevere and just go for it. I’ll be learning new skills – filming, video editing, image editing, creating youtube content etc, gaining confidence, recording memories of my family and hopefully entertaining or inspiring others along the way.

I’m still not sure exactly what I’ll upload, but life is busy with a one year old and a two year old, we’re learning to live in a new country without any family nearby, making new friends and have plenty of hobbies and interests between us so I’m sure I’ll find something.

Until then I’ve uploaded a little video to kick start my channel.