Playroom Posters // Alphabet & Numbers

A little while ago I scoured the island for some preschool educational posters for our playroom walls. I tried every shop that sold anything resembling education, homewares, kids bedrooms, books, stationery etc and came up with a big fat zero.

So instead, I bought the cheapest colour printer I could find ($40), some paper and installed some open source Image editing software and made my own.

For now we just have the alphabet and numbers, but soon we’ll progress to the days of the week, months etc. Isaac and Aeris love them and we combine them with our british sign language posters.

I realised if I needed something like this then there must be other people looking for the same thing too. So I’ve converted the files into a PDF and as all of the images I used were licence free, I can share them with others to print too.

Click the links below to download: