Playroom Posters // Alphabet & Numbers

A little while ago I scoured the island for some preschool educational posters for our playroom walls. I tried every shop that sold anything resembling education, homewares, kids bedrooms, books, stationery etc and came up with a big fat zero.

So instead, I bought the cheapest colour printer I could find ($40), some paper and installed some open source Image editing software and made my own.

For now we just have the alphabet and numbers, but soon we’ll progress to the days of the week, months etc. Isaac and Aeris love them and we combine them with our british sign language posters.

I realised if I needed something like this then there must be other people looking for the same thing too. So I’ve converted the files into a PDF and as all of the images I used were licence free, I can share them with others to print too.

Click the links below to download:



Raising children and keeping my brain active.

A little while ago I wrote a post about having a go at making some vlog type videos of our family while we’re living in Cayman. I’ve finally done it!

I absolutely love video editing and I’ve already progressed to more sofisticated software (started with shot cut now on kdenlive). Hopefully they quality will keep getting better as I learn more about filming and editing. After almost 3 years away from software testing it’s nice to have something technical for my brain to do.

The videos won’t be for everyone. They’re just of our regular days and will include Isaac and Aeris of course, cooking, cleaning, days out and lots of little life updates.

It can become monotonous being under threes all day long, albeit rewarding. This is my little way of having something for myself that doesn’t involve wiping runny noses or explaining how we share toys.

If you fancy a peek my channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtbVOjRfS4rBRLl4wBwQjSg

and our day in the life from last weekend is here:

Work Permit Approved

It’s happening. My husband’s work permit has been approved. In just over three weeks we’ll be moving to the Caribbean with our 2 year old and 8 month old.

Last night was a bit of a blur. Feelings of excitment, disbelief and a bit of trepidation. After two and a half months of planning and worrying we celebrated accordingly…

Now where to start? Suddenly the list on the trello board seem never ending with no obvious place to start. Do I start packing for storage or shipping, start getting the house ready for rental, go shopping for flight essentials, ring the huge list of companies I need to give notice to stop services with or go back to bed and panic? We also have a trip to the theatre, Aeris’ next big hearing test, Isaac’s birthday and two days at cbeebies land to squeeze in before we go.

To the shed I go to assemble boxes. We have to start somewhere. We’ll sleep when we get to the Island.

The beginnings of an adventure…

After two months of talking, researching, filling in forms, spending hundreds of pounds and writing more lists than I’ve ever written before (and I’m a keen writer of lists!), we’re finally submitting our visa application to live in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands! We, the simple Jervis family of Northumberland, are going to live on a Caribbean Island, 4700 miles away.


When Ste was first approached by the recruiter we thought it was a mad idea and dismissed it as something we could never do; our little girl was born with a hearing loss and has lots of appointments at the hospital for hearing tests and hearing aid moulds etc.

A few days later he came across the email again and just out of curiosity he replied. In the meantime, whilst researching the islands, just for fun, we came across the Cayman Hearing Centre. We couldn’t believe it when we found out the audiologist had previously worked at the Freeman Hospital where we currently take Aeris. It felt like fate.

So after lots of discussions about the positives and negatives, working out our finances and speaking to family, we decided to go for it and Ste submitted his CV. A month later he was offered an amazing opportunity and we started planning the adventure of a lifetime, which brings us to now…


We’ve spent the last four weeks applying for passports, police clearance certificates, having medicals, ordering copies of birth and marriage certificates, filling in work permit forms, researching shipping, arranging to rent our house out and buying the children summer clothes for the winter, months which is harder than you’d think in August. We’ve also read caymanresident.com inside out. It’s been invaluable.

Aeris was much more excited about her passport photo than Isaac…


FedEx collected Ste’s work permit application yesterday and I’ve been furiously tracking it ever since. Four times to be exact…rather excessive considering its been gone less than 24 hours. Fingers crossed, in two weeks time we’ll get a big fat yes from Cayman immigration and we can book our flights.


In the meantime I’m going to continue packing, selling off what we can take with us and won’t need when we finally return to England and updating our trello board (we’ve progressed from lists to a full on project board).


If you want all the exciting details about how to ship your belongings to the Caribbean, arrange a storage unit and packing suitcases for a one way trip, (plus family days out, my recipe experimentation and the odd random rambling) then this is the blog for you.