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Five Bean Chilli // Recipe

A delicious full, rounded flavour full of protein, iron and fibre. A perfect comfort food with a bowl of fluffy rice for cozy evenings in, filling for tacos or a topping for jacket potatoes. Just what the vegetarian ordered. Winging it is how I'd describe how I make chilli most of the time. I don't… Continue reading Five Bean Chilli // Recipe

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Spicy Vegetable Korma // Recipe

A mild creamy korma has never appealed to me when ordering or making a curry. When I crave a curry, I want spice and heat and full flavour. I do however, like the creaminess a korma delivers. So I thought, why not have both. I researched korma recipes and different spice combinations and this is… Continue reading Spicy Vegetable Korma // Recipe

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Roast Tomato, Garlic & Red Pepper Soup // Recipe

I've been craving smooth creamy soup for weeks, so when Ste came home with a new hand blender for me last week, I thought it the perfect time to try a recipe I'd noted down in December. The original recipe is vegan and from Bosh. I'm not vegan and love garlic so made a few… Continue reading Roast Tomato, Garlic & Red Pepper Soup // Recipe