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Croque Rarebit or Welsh Monsieur? // Recipe

This is basically an indulgent cheese toastie with bechamel sauce and it's delicious. It's neither a croque monsieur nor a welsh rarebit due to the lack of ham and cheese sauce (not to mention I couldn't find welsh cheddar on island), but something between the two. Perfect lunch for a rainy Saturday afternoon or a… Continue reading Croque Rarebit or Welsh Monsieur? // Recipe

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Creamy Vegetable Masala // Recipe

Cayman has an Indian supermarket...YESSSSSSS! It's small, but cheaper than the big supermarkets and has so much more choice. I used love a trip to MA Brothers in Newcastle to stock up on good quality basmati, spices and all the different dahls and flours. It makes me a happy housewife that I can get some… Continue reading Creamy Vegetable Masala // Recipe

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Roast Tomato, Garlic & Red Pepper Soup // Recipe

I've been craving smooth creamy soup for weeks, so when Ste came home with a new hand blender for me last week, I thought it the perfect time to try a recipe I'd noted down in December. The original recipe is vegan and from Bosh. I'm not vegan and love garlic so made a few… Continue reading Roast Tomato, Garlic & Red Pepper Soup // Recipe