Little Island Car

We already knew before we arrived in Cayman that we would need to buy a car. Our car at home was a lease, so because we didn't have the proceeds from a car sale our budget was small. A hire car had already been arranged for our first two weeks and we naively thought "two … Continue reading Little Island Car

Trying Something New

I love to write and to tell a story. I love to read and hear other people's stories. However, there's nothing quite like seeing what you've read about in real life. Or the next best thing, on film. So that being said, after weeks of procrastinating I've decided to venture into the mysterious world of … Continue reading Trying Something New


Weeks of packing, moments of excitement, feelings of dread, two extremely well behaved small children on a 16 hour journey and the first feeling that came over me as we landed in our new Caribbean home was one of complete and utter sadness. This has been, without a doubt, one of the hardest things I … Continue reading Homesick

Little Aeris and our hearing loss journey so far

At 9.01 am on Sunday, January 14th 2018, weighing 5lbs 15oz, my beautiful baby girl, Aeris, made a dramatic entry into the world via an emergency cesarean after my placenta abrupted and I began to haemorrhage. Like her brother Isaac who was born by cesarean 15 months earlier (he was a breech baby), Aeris failed … Continue reading Little Aeris and our hearing loss journey so far

The beginnings of an adventure…

After two months of talking, researching, filling in forms, spending hundreds of pounds and writing more lists than I've ever written before (and I'm a keen writer of lists!), we're finally submitting our visa application to live in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands! We, the simple Jervis family of Northumberland, are going to live … Continue reading The beginnings of an adventure…