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Raising children and keeping my brain active.

A little while ago I wrote a post about having a go at making some vlog type videos of our family while we’re living in Cayman. I’ve finally done it!

I absolutely love video editing and I’ve already progressed to more sofisticated software (started with shot cut now on kdenlive). Hopefully they quality will keep getting better as I learn more about filming and editing. After almost 3 years away from software testing it’s nice to have something technical for my brain to do.

The videos won’t be for everyone. They’re just of our regular days and will include Isaac and Aeris of course, cooking, cleaning, days out and lots of little life updates.

It can become monotonous being under threes all day long, albeit rewarding. This is my little way of having something for myself that doesn’t involve wiping runny noses or explaining how we share toys.

If you fancy a peek my channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtbVOjRfS4rBRLl4wBwQjSg

and our day in the life from last weekend is here:

Getting Back on Track

Aside from the tantrums, whining, food throwing, toy hurling, sibling wrestling and incontinence (them not me) I love being able to stay at home and experience my little people growing into full sized humans. Despite the aforementioned unfavourable qualities toddlers temporarily acquire, although exhausting, it is very, very rewarding.

However, life can become haphazard and a hazy cloud of monotony. I may not miss getting out of bed on dark, cold mornings to sit in a germ filled office for 8 hours a day, but I do miss the routine of a working week and not having to constantly self-motivate.

In January, I started watching some art and bullet journalling videos on YouTube. Some of them are super relaxing to watch and I love anything stationery related. I was inspired to start my own version of a bullet journal. I found a pack of three moleskin notebooks in one of the two book shops on the island and picked up a ruler and gel pen from an office supply shop. One notebook I decided would be the bullet journal, the other a meal planner and the third a daily to-do list.

The daily to do list is brilliant. It’s motivating, feels accountable and so satisfying when I’ve ticked off all the boxes next to today’s tasks.

We had family staying with us at the beginning of February and because our days were filled with sightseeing, beach time and family fun, my regular tasks and to-do lists fell by the wayside. We then had a shortlived attempt at potty training for Isaac and I still haven’t gotten back into my nightly routine of writing out my list for the following day. I realised this week that my days were feeling longer than usual, I was clock watching for Ste coming home and all the little jobs I kept telling myself that need doing around the house, still hadn’t been done.

Tonight, I’m getting my notebook, ruler and pen back out and writing that to-do list. I highly recommend it to help keep a busy mind clearer. It’s so satisfying to look back on and think “look at everything I did today/this week/this month”. No matter how small the task, you did it and today you achieved.